Your home is one of the most important things in your life. No matter what the reason is for selling now, the amount of work and care (not to mention memories) you have associated with your Palm Beach home is unforgettable. And these things hold a great deal of value – but only to you. The reasons why you value your home – aside from being part of a great community like Delray Beach, Wellington, or Deerfield Beach – are not the same reasons as why a buyer would. If you are wondering why your house isn’t selling, the first place to look is at yourself and your home.

How is the condition of your home?
You may like the colors you painted your walls – ten years ago. You may not see the aging, but someone walking into your home for the first time can. Adopt the strategy of refreshing every aspect of your home. A third party can definitely tell you why your house isn’t selling. Invite someone over who can take a look at your home with fresh eyes, and notice every crack in the plaster, stain in the carpet, and help you clean up anything that might deter a potential buyer.

Talk to your realtor.
It’s not impossible that you and your realtor may not be a good match, and why your house, even in an in-demand neighborhood like Highland Beach, isn’t selling. If you haven’t heard from your realtor in a long while, that’s probably a good indicator that your relationship is at a standstill. See if there is something that you can work out, but if you can’t jumpstart your relationship, it may be time for you to move on and find a new realtor.

The proof is in the price.
Take a look at how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood, as there is a wide range of prices depending on whether your home is in Manalapan, West Palm Beach, or Hillsboro Mile. Compare your home with similar properties, and think about making your selling price more competitive. And when you take a look at other homes, you may also see alternate ways of marketing your property.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. There are tangible methods like those above to figure out why your Palm Beach house isn’t selling; most importantly, keep the selling process fresh and exciting for yourself as it may in turn invigorate your home as well.

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