Haven’t figured out your preference yet? While there is so much new and resale property available here in the beautiful coastal communities of Boynton Beach, Ocean Ridge, and Boca Raton, there are distinct advantages for both types of homes.

New Homes

If you are looking to be the first person to live in a particular property, then there is no other choice for you than a new home. Without previous tenants, there is no history in these properties, and to many that means no surprises. New homes, especially pre-construction homes also offer you the ability to choose the kind of layout you want as well as the type of appliances that will be installed.

Some of the best features of modern homes like those found in Boynton Beach include state of the art wiring for the digital age, warranties on your home from the builder, warranties on your appliances, a more modern design focusing on spacious rooms, high ceilings, large closets, and many other customizable details.

Resale Property

An appreciation for character and history is often found in buyers of resale property. To them, history is not at all about age; it’s about personality and a kind of style and construction that is not readily available anymore. Resale properties are also great projects for improvements, as you can find them cheaper than new homes and also the room for negotiation tends to be much wider.

Resale properties such as those in Boca Raton have several qualities that are popular – many older homes are bigger than similarly priced new homes, are built on larger lots, and are closer to city centers - reflecting a time when land was cheaper and zoning was different. You’ll also find that older homes tend to have lower property taxes.

What interests you more? There’s no wrong answer of course when it comes to New Homes vs. Resale Property in Palm Beach – just keep your mind open as you make your decision.

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