Hypoluxo Island is a charming town reminiscent of old Florida, complete with a booming real estate market. The real estate for sale in Hypoluxo is quaint and exclusive, with plenty of room for the town's 2,600 residents to live and play. The area is gaining in popularity, which has resulted in an expanding construction of condos, apartments and duplexes. While Hypoluxo Island maintains stable growth, residents are not overtaken by the boom, thanks to protected dockage space, neighborhood parks, and generously proportioned lots.

Hypoluxo Island is nestled between Palm Beach and Boca Raton, with a growing real estate market and huge opportunity for investors. Most of the community is only a short walk away from the Atlantic Ocean, with most properties set along the waterfront. Hypoluxo is located on the Intracoastal Waterway and is near the beautiful Atlantic beaches. Stunning multi-million-dollar waterfront mansions featuring panoramic views frame the island. The architecture on the island is primarily Key West and Mediterranean-style, and the majority of waterfront homes possess private docks.

The community in Hypoluxo is close-knit, with traditions dating back more than 80 years. It was in 1925 that the first bridge was built connecting Hypoluxo Island to Florida, and the real estate market has continued to grow since that time. Fortunately, Hypoluxo still maintains the original natural beauty of this charming tropical island.

Real estate in Hypoluxo ranges in price from an affordable $170,000 well into the millions. Hypoluxo Island is one of those rare places in Florida where you can still enjoy the natural beauty of the original tropical serenity that made this island a favorite of early visitors dating back as far as the 1840s.

Homes for sale in Hypoluxo Island are considered ideal for anyone ranging from families with little ones to those looking to retire in a warm and lush environment. Here you'll find open air vegetable markets as well as charming cafés and fresh meat markets and fish markets. The park in Hypoluxo offers swings and playgrounds and the schools nearby are supported by excellent PTA groups comprised of enthusiastic teachers and parents. The real estate and investment opportunities of this sleepy little island are truly treasures, as Hypoluxo is not only a beautiful place to visit but also a very gratifying place to live.

Dreaming of a waterfront home in an exclusive enclave? Hypoluxo Island real estate could be exactly what you have been seeking. The word Hypoluxo is derived from the Seminole Indians' name for Lake Worth, which translates to "water all around." There are no true businesses on the island, which helps maintain its old-world feel. Developers have preserved much of the natural habitat, unlike so many of the planned communities nearby.

If the lack of businesses is a concern, you'll be happy to know that countless restaurants and cultural activities are accessible right off the island. The Ritz-Carlton hotel in nearby Manalapan has created a venue for more upscale dining and shopping opportunities. The plethora of outdoor activities, including parks, beaches, and tennis (as well at the mild Florida climate) would tempt even the most discriminating buyer.

Housing options include the aforementioned waterfront properties, as well more modest homes further inland. The exclusivity and privacy of Hypoluxo real estate, coupled with its proximity to West Palm Beach and the posh town of Manalapan, make this island a site for prime real estate opportunities.

Many of the properties in Hypoluxo are duplexes and condos and, like most coastal communities, these units are spacious and surrounded with the indigenous vegetation of the island. The real estate in Hypoluxo runs parallel to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, leaving every day awash with the sights and sounds of real coastal living. To learn more about the serenity and simplicity of this charming old world Florida town contact real estate expert Michael Aron at 561-445-6289 today.