If you are searching for the perfect home in a privately secluded setting, then real estate in the small town of Gulf Stream, Florida is exactly what you seek. Gulf Stream is a friendly town with a relaxed atmosphere, where you'll find plenty of activities to keep you entertained and to keep your family happily occupied. The ocean supplies endless breathtaking views, which you can enjoy while lying under the shade of palm trees. Gulf Stream real estate truly affords a terrific lifestyle for those who choose to live or invest in southern Florida.

Gulf Stream is conveniently located near Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and the area is the home of approximately 1,000 residents. Gulf Stream real estate is a popular choice among upper class families and retired individuals, as the area is a beautifully quiet and safe place to enjoy. Crime rates are incredibly low, and you'll find exceptional private schools and colleges in and around the city, making Gulf Stream an excellent community for families with children. The average annual income and house values are high - in fact, in 2002, Worth magazine listed Gulf Stream as the nineteenth richest town in the nation. The homes for sale in Gulf Stream are truly magnificent: well-maintained with stunning landscaping and radiant fountains.

Homes are not the only beautiful properties in Gulf Stream; in fact, you'll also find many parks awaiting your enjoyment in Gulf Stream and the surrounding areas. Gulf Stream Park is an unusual park along the Atlantic Ocean, as it includes a very spacious beach, and is therefore unlike the typical public beach. The atmosphere is laid back, with plenty of room to relax and frolic in the sand. The water is shallow, making for safe fun in the water, and you'll find grassy areas and vegetation along the beach, making the area a wonderful place to picnic. The park has earned the nickname Dog Beach, because pets are allowed to run and play on the grassy areas.

Of course, the parks and beaches aren't the only magnificent features of Gulf Stream living. Golfers will delight in the nearby courses, and the ocean offers all sorts of water sports, including windsurfing and sport fishing. After a very quick drive to the nearby city of Delray Beach, you will find yourself surrounded by fabulous arts, as well as various festivals, fairs, and parades throughout the year. There is always something new and interesting to explore in and around Gulf Stream.

Gulf Stream real estate offers many choices for the selective buyer. Single family homes are optimal for relocating your family, retiring, or acquiring that second home you've always wanted. Children are safe and sound in this tiny city, which features remarkably low crime rates. The schools are outstanding, and there are an abundance of activities for the whole family to enjoy. The weather makes it a comfortable and relaxing environment throughout the whole year, as the climate is truly unbeatable. Gulf Stream real estate also supplies excellent investment opportunities for vacation homes, as Gulf Stream is considered by many to be the ultimate place to "get away from it all," or to eventually retire in a wealthy, prosperous community.

Gulf Stream is also a growing area, but it is situated far enough away from the bigger cities that you won't worry about the night life keeping you up at night. To search the residential homes for sale in Gulf Stream, contact Michael Aron today at 561-445-6289. Michael has the real estate expertise to show you opportunities in the Gulf Stream area, and to assist you with every step of your home buying transaction. Contact Michael to book an appointment today and discover all that awaits you in Gulf Stream real estate.