Welcome to Delray Beach, where museums, art exhibits, and entertainment combine with spacious, luxurious homes, nestled along the Atlantic Ocean in southern Florida. Delray Beach real estate truly offers everything you could want or need in tropical living: magnificent estates abound in a prosperous area, and there is always an entertaining event or a new venue to enjoy. Here in Delray Beach, you'll find a friendly atmosphere, and the city has a rich culture for everyone to discover. Historical buildings and natural areas are very well preserved, and the history and activities available make this city a marvelous city in which to reside.

Delray Beach features a large variety of single family homes at fantastic prices. The homes are large and radiant, set in beautifully-kept neighborhoods located inside and around the city. Approximately 60,000 residents are at home in Delray Beach, and these residents belong to respectable, affluent families. One prominent feeling that you get when visiting the area is that a life of luxury is readily enjoyed. Delray has sophisticated style, and this can be seen in the residential properties, where sparkling fountains and plush greenery may be found in every community.

The name "Delray" means "Of the King," and the first settlers gave this name, because of the natural riches discovered throughout the area. Crops grew amazingly well in the land, and the ocean supplied delicious crab and lobster. Pineapple farming was the livelihood of many first settlers, and the town rapidly grew when a railroad was built to connect Miami and West Palm Beach. The warm, relaxing winters attracted artists and cartoonists, contributing to the artistic culture that is currently found among the city. The bustling downtown is a popular gathering location for those who love the arts, and many historical buildings now house theatres and museums. Exhibits and studios may be found throughout downtown, to satisfy both the artist and art enthusiast alike.

Can you imagine owning your own beachfront home at Delray Beach? You'll enjoy the pleasant weather, and have opportunities for entertainment all around you. Besides the arts, you'll find venues for golf, nightlife, and incredible shopping, with large, elegant shops, and older shops encompassing the rich history of the area. Just a walk downtown along the brick sidewalks will impress even the pickiest of shoppers, and you'll discover delectable restaurants to serve you at any time and for any occasion. When you tire of all the fresh seafood you can consume, you'll also find steakhouses, cafes and much more.

The Atlantic Ocean is a wonderful place to spend the day, alone or with your family. Swimming in the area is safe, where lifeguards are present for the majority of the day, and the surf is easily navigable. Water sports include snorkeling, boating, fishing, and more. After a day on the white sand along the breathtaking views of the beach, kick back and enjoy some seafood before you are whisked off to dance the night away. Retire to your new home with a view of the ocean, where you can find repose on the rooftop, or inside with large windows and a panoramic view. Elegant architecture and colorful gardens surround these grand estates in Delray Beach.

Purchasing Delray Beach real estate is truly a lifestyle investment. Buying a home in Delray Beach affords you the opportunity to relax, rest in the sun, and take time to appreciate the amazingly beautiful arts. Around the city, you'll find plenty of employment opportunities, so there is no reason to pass up your perfect home. This historical town continues to evolve into an ever-lovelier city of riches, which is exactly where you deserve to live.

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