Located only two miles south of Palm Beach County and 20 miles north of Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach is an affluent coastal city famous for its luxurious homes and pristine beaches. Because this popular city enjoys a strong economy supported by a strong permanent population, Deerfield Beach real estate attracts a diverse audience of homebuyers. Everyone from young professionals and families with children, to retirees, like to call Deerfield Beach home.

In 2000, the sugar-white shores of Deerfield Beach received the Blue Wave Award, recognizing this proud coastal community for having the finest beaches in all of Florida. Its location on the Atlantic coast, with various lakes, channels and waterways throughout the community, has filled the Deerfield Beach real estate market with scores of gorgeous waterfront homes. Many residents here enjoy their own private docks, and are often seen cruising the canals and waterways in their elegant yachts and sailboats.

Yet despite being a community centered on boating and seaside living, the Deerfield Beach real estate market also has some majestic inland homes with sprawling gardens and peaceful surroundings. When Deerfield residents are not in the water, on the beach, or by the marinas, they can enjoy the beautiful parks, tennis courts, playgrounds and many great cultural events – children especially love life here, as they always have access to fun activities and sports. With world-class dining and chic boutiques abound, it is no secret that residents of Deerfield Beach real estate enjoy a high-end lifestyle.

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